Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    2. How the Course Works - Navigation

    3. How the Course Works - Using the Course

    4. Getting Ready for Training - Tutorial File Installation

    1. RoadEng is Modular

    2. Survey/Map Module

    3. Terrain Module

    4. Location Module

    5. Video: Introduction & Typical Workflow

    6. Typical RoadEng Workflow for Designing a Road

    1. Video: Importing LiDAR data

    2. Exercise: Importing LiDAR in LAS/LAZ format

    3. Exercise: Thinning Data After Import

    4. Exercise: Generate TIN from LiDAR

    1. New Location Design - Options for Creation

    2. Video: Creating a New Location Design

    3. Exercise: New Location Design from a Terrain Surface

    4. Video: Zooming, Panning and Working with Intersection Points

    5. Exercise: Zooming and Panning

    6. Exercise: Creating, Editing, Adding, & Deleting IPs

    1. Video: Adding Horizontal Curves

    2. Exercise: Adding Horizontal Curves

    1. Video: Vertical Alignment & Curves

    2. Exercise: Creating a Vertical Alignment

    3. Exercise: Adding Vertical Curves

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